Div with background clipping animation

Hi everyone,
I have Figma design, which i have a hard time wrapping my head around. I’ll be really happy if someone is able to nudge me in the right direction for this. I consider myself to be an intermediate at Webflow, but i haven’t done layouts this complex before and have been stuck on how exactly I should implement this.

An explanation of the problem and a few ideas can be found in the Figma file.
Ideally, everything should be achieved natively in Webflow.

This is a task related to a job interview. I want to point out that i don’t to cheat by providing someone else’s solution. I want to understand the problem better and hopefully be able to implement the solution on my own.

Here’s the Figma link for the design.- https://www.figma.com/file/hzkvKPig9boVr5fDuBBKRV/%2312-Permagold-Section-Test-(Copy)?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=WDtcjg8vEZ1p98Lm-1

And the initial setup in Webflow /read-only link/ - Webflow - Mehmed's Fresh Site