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How to get rid of Editor login box?

When I use the Editor mode, the javascript embedded in my document does not run. I have tried logging out of the editor to fix this, however the little grey arrow in the bottom right still shows up, and the javascript on my page still does not run. If I try accessing my page with another browser, the little grey arrow no longer shows up and the javascript runs fine. However, if I go to the editor link, I am unable to return to the root link without the editor also showing up each time I do… Is there a way for me to access the site without the editor login modal at the bottom after I have logged out of the Editor?



And here’s a video of this issue as well:

EDIT: I’ve realized that by clearing my cache and returning to the URL the problem is solved, so I guess my question is whether there is a way to access the Editor and then to return to the original document without having to clear the cache?


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