How to get a navbar to appear upon scrolling to a certain point then stay in this position


I am trying to put in a nav bar so that when I scroll down the page the nav bar appears and once it appears it stays in this position despite continuing to scroll down.

This is what I am trying to do:

(the nav bar on the left)

Hey @Eoin_Bolger! This video/article should help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for (keep in mind though - it features the old UI of the Designer):

In short, that sidebar on the Webflow E-Commerce landing page has a position value of sticky, meaning the element scrolls until a defined scroll position is reached, just like you saw on that page.

Here’s what it looks like in the Style Panel (image from that article):

If you try this out and run into any issues, feel free to post back in the forums and let the community know how they can help you further. Hope this helps!

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Thanks very much for the quick response, I’ll give that a go now!

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