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Anyone know how to do this?

Im tryign to look into how to make this scrolling with left navbar like Survey monkey. Anyone that have tried similar?

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you can use the new sticky position:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Awesome, i didn’t know this. Great new feature! :slight_smile: However, it doesn’t work for me. I red the tutorial and what I undertand it is in beta.

Thanks a lot for your help @PixelGeek :slight_smile:

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Hello @Daniel_Remes

The new position sticky is part from the new styles panel. Here’s a demo where you can see how I’m using it.

Clone and explore here >

Don’t forget to activate the new style panel

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thank you so much, your site helped me understand the whole thing! I appreciate for taking your time! :slight_smile: @PiterDimitrov

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No problem! The sticky element needs a top and bottom margin/defined distance in order to work. Have fun :webflow_heart: