How-to // Free Cookie Consent (with logo and trafic limitation) - Elfsight

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For people who are searching a free Cookie Consent banner, I found this one :

It’s free, with small logo and trafic limit.
No credit-card needed.

They have also paid plans to remove the logo and get unlimited trafic. But it’s a pretty good integration for beginners…

Here is how I integrate it (free version) :

Easy to install
Create a free account on Elfsight
Create a Widget (search for “cookie” word…)
Copy the code
Go to Webflow -> Project settings -> Custom Code
Paste your code in the Footer Code section.
Save, then publish your site to see result.

Tadammmm :relieved:

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Thank you very much for an awesome overview of our service!

We are really happy to know you like our widgets! :slightly_smiling_face:
If you’d like to write smth else about other Elfsight solutions - very welcome! We’ll be delighted to help you somehow.

Thanks again! If you or anyone have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us - we’ll be glad to help!

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With pleasure !

I am searching efficient solutions, and Elfsight provides easy, complete and ‘no-surprises’ widgets.

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