Integration - Cookie Policy - How to

Hi folks,
I’m looking for a way to integrate a Cookie Policy banner in my website that isn’t manual but with the help of a widget. Iubenda however is a paid tool and so is Elfsight - is there any option that could help me but is free?

Thanks in advance!

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You can always use Elfsight widgets for free, using free Lite subscription plan. It’s fully-featured plan with no limitations in functionality or customization settings. Moreover, there’s no any time restrictions, so you can use as longer as you need.

There’s views limit, but if there won’t be enough you can always upgrade it for the subscription plans with rather low costs.

Anyway, if you are interested in using our widgets, you can always contact us and we’ll find the solution exactly for your use case.

Best regards,
Elfsight Team

Onsano could be the solution