How to Filter dynamic collections ? {beginner}

Hi guys,
I’m a beginner in code, i simply know the basics of html and i want to know how to do a filter for a dynamic collection.

I check on the forum, it seems like “isotope” or “mixitup” are the tow solution available.
I’ve dig into it but i can’t bring it down. I already check the fabulous work of @SidneyOttelohe and @sabanna, but i don’t know where to put the code and how to proceed with this jquery plugins.

If somebody can link me a tutorial or a good explanation with some illustration to know how to start to custom code in webflow?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there @Hopweb, have you seen this Step-By-Step tutorial, which also shows the custom code stuff?

Also take a peek here how to use custom code in the header and footer of the site:

Here is how to use an Embed Widget (for snippet code placed on the page):

How to use the embed widget with dynamic data coming from CMS:

I hope this helps!

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thanks i’ll check that :slight_smile: i hope to succeed