Isotope/Mixitup Plugin Tutorial Request

Wondering if anyone with experience of these plugins can make a tutorial for us non coder types?

These plugins would add immense visual style and interaction to our Webflow projects which we could show to the world and say “oh yeah… i made that website in Webflow!” I mean look whats possible like this or even this…WOW!

The tutorial should go from a blank page stage, step by step to completion. This would be so helpful.

Now come on guys I know there’s some Webflow/code genius out there that has been waiting for someone to ask for this so they can get on it!! (I hope there is anyway :wink: )

I’m obviously willing to help out as much as possible with this.

Really hope others are interested in seeing this tutorial. If so leave a comment below.


Hi, I don’t get what in these two example you can’t reproduce with Webflow? What are the plugins you’re talking about?

If the websites are just what they look to be (the first being a grid of element launching galleries, and the second the same thing launching a popup), you already have everything you need to do that, and way more, in the help section and tutorials.

Edit, ok it’s about the filtering.

@sabanna didn’t you make a madness filtering using only Webflow once?

The problem I’m having @vincent & @sabanna is that I do not understand coding. I don’t know what a “grid of elements” means and that’s just the start of it.

I have looked around this forum to try to piece together how to make a Jquery plugin like Isotope or Mixitup work in webflow and maybe the answer is there for coders but not for designers like me.

This is why I think working with others to create a step by step tutorial on how to go from a blank Webflow page to finish would be really valuable to many others like me.

Does this make sense?

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I guess just to act as a middle ground, is what @vincent is saying (having only looked at the first link) by “grid of elements” doesn’t refer to any need to code at all.

You can achieve this, as vincent said, through the Column drop and drag type in Webflow.

It maybe about the filtering, hence the need for Isotope - however thought it was good just to clarify that some elements don’t need to “understand coding”; hence the greatness of Webflow.

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Hey @domin8tor just to be clear in the two links I provided I was reffering to to the filtering and how the elements moved around as different filters are selected.

This interactivity is created by using either the Mixitup or Isotope Jquery plugins. My issue is that because I don’t understand code I don’t know how these plugins can be used with Webflow.

A simple example is all that I require so I can understand it better. For example, create a section on a blank page in Webflow with say 2 rows of 4 squares (maybe 150px x 150px) in each row.

Then use the Isotope plugin to filter and move these boxes and show how it is done step by step.

This would be great…

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i’m also having a road block with the mixitup plugin. Thanks to sabana for pointing it out to me, but just how to implement it with a set of pictures and a tab that will filter them is all what i need and i hope thats what rajsidhu wants too. please can someone help us? :worried:

@brilliantlights yes this is exactly the issues i’m facing too.

Can anyone help us with this please?