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How to enable F11 fullscreen by clicking on element?

Apologies if this is a simple minded question but new to web design and Webflow… I’m trying to figure out how to enable a full-screen browser experience by clicking on a full screen expander that removes the browser’s navbar (F11).

For reference, the following site: Medusae does a great job, if you follow the link and open the site you’ll see the two expand arrows in the top right of the browser window. When you click on them, the browser’s navbar is removed and the user can navigate the website in fullscreen mode. As I mentioned I’m a newby any guidance on how to enable this feature through Webflow would be greatly appreciated.


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hi @JTT you can read this article to get an idea how to. One thing that you should pay attention is that it doesn’t work with Safari and you should look on net if there is some work around for this browser. Anyway, I have done short video to show just basic part.

Thank you Stan!.. This will work fine!..

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