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What custom code needs to be added to a Webflow site to make the browser go Fullscreen when visited

Hello Webflow Experts

At outset , I feel so glad being on webflow platform . At the time I post any query , I’m excited to do something awesome and then comes your hep which turns my imagination into actions.

So Here Im

I need to hide address bar as the site opens and it should be always hidden even while scrolling the site . specifically Im looking this for smaller screen . Is it possible

If any custom code is required , please specify the steps . Thank You Very Much

Hey @Jordon I’m not entirely sure if this is possible (as all browsers behave differently), could you please post an example of a website where you’ve seen this functionality before or if possible share a screen share displaying this functionality?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Waldo

Here is the example

Im fine with any one browser

You are looking for this

@samliew Yes Yes Exactly This :smiley: :flushed:

@samliew @wadlo Its not solved Yet . How to do it . Please steps