How To Embed Facebook photo galley on Webflow

Hi all,

I am currently designing a website for a party event company who will have a fair amount of photos after each event, I was wondering if there was easy way to upload 30+ images or get a Facebook plug in or something


No and no.

CMS gallery wishlist

I hope in the future this will added + Some way to arrange images by folders - this is very usefull).


No, This is more third-party issue.

You can find solution like this:

Than you can combine this in your webflow project + Remember FB API change over time.

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Hi Adam_Wright!

That’s’ what you need: Facebook Widget - embed Facebook Feed on website (in 2 minutes) (there’s an online demo on the page, check it). This is a multifunctional Facebook plugin, which will allow you to show one type of content or combine several types together, for example: Facebook feed, albums, videos, photos, events and others.

  • There’s a referral program, which gives you a chance to earn money by installing the plugin to your clients (it’s a nice bonus :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

The plugin has a very customizable layout and it will perfectly suit any website. For example, at the screenshot below I left only photos to be shown.

This is an installation guide: How to add Facebook Feed to Webflow website - Elfsight plugins (you simply need to insert the code; it will take only two minutes).
I hope it will help! Thank you!


Hey Adam,

This is Jane from EmbedSocial.

I am doing Customer Support so I am following up in regards to your question.

Our EmbedAlbum product integrates well with Webflow and will allow you to easily sync all of your social media activity with your website.

We have created a blog post / tutorial with a video where we explain how you can do all of that in few minutes.

Here is the link:

You can always send me a message if you need any assistance, happy to help.

Good luck & happy embedding :slight_smile:

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