How to embed a Google Form into a Webflow site?

I am disappointed with the inability to send different form data to different email addresses in Webflow (in the situation where you’ve got a site with multiple forms), so I want to use Google Forms instead.

But how do I embed one into the website after I’ve built it out in Google Docs?

Hi @troyANFT

These should help:


So you don’t necessarily need to embed it in your website as such. You can just set it up so that a user clicks the form button and then gets redirected to the google form page provided by Google. You could give them a link back to your website at the end of the form.

Failing this, there is nothing to stop you from embedding your own form within Webflow. Just google HTML + JavaScript form to email and there will be a million examples of how to do this.

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Hi Stum, thanks for this video. Can you please advise on how to handle Multiple Choice responses in the form? The video does not cover that type of form entry. My form has a “Would you like to be added to our mailing list?” question, with multiple choice answers Yes and No. If you Inspect one of those fields as this video instructs, the “name” element does not exist. Instead, the code looks like this:

Hey, I would really like to know how this is done. As the questions asked to the users on my form change based on the answers to the initial questions. These initial questions are all multiple choice questions.

It would be great if there is a solutions to this problem. I would prefer it if we did not have to redirect the user to the google form, but could instead handle this on the website.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

I came from the future (2021) :grin:

the above vedio is still useful but there is an update on the HTML layout
when you click inspect, you won’t find the entry. you have to search (ctrl+F) for the word entry and you will find it at the buttom. :v:t3:

Hey guys!

Thanks for the tips. Nothing yet about redirecting to webflow after submission?