How to edit CMS fields from Airtable with Zapier integration?

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I’ve just connected Airtable to send new records to a CMS Collection and it works like a charm. However, when I edit a field in Airtable, the changes are not reflected on Webflow as it’s only fetching for new records. Does anybody know if there’s a way to update content items in the CMS when the record in Airtable changes?


Hey @renegdn,

I think you have to do this in Zapier.

I know when I’ve used google sheets for example, you could set a trigger from something like new row added I think in your case there should be a trigger there along the lines of updates on a sheet.

I’m not certain on how Webflow handles fetching live updates on existing CMS items, but it should be okay if the triggers are looking for that and pushing over the updates based on something like the ‘name’.

I’m interested in knowing how this works with Airtable as well, let me know how it goes.

@renegdn and @Thomas_92 I am testing also Airtable… but it is not updating each 15 minutes… I can not get records into CMS: what did I do wrong…
I only get a test-result into my CMS… how to update the full month… because I want to make a calender with all the dates when a house is ‘rented’ or ‘not rented’…

My preview of the project:
look to the page:


They don’t yet because you need the CMS Item ID in order for Webflow to know what collection item to update.

This update has been requested about a gizzilion times but we haven’t even really heard back from anyone in the team about this…

Currently the workaround is to use “Postman” to manually get the CMS Item ID and to then paste that item ID into your Airtable table or Google Sheet, so that Zapier can pull that ID when you update an item.

I am not sure who is in charge of the API at Webflow but maybe they can share some thoughts on the topic? @PixelGeek @nathan


Hello @finlayconn I tried this tuturial
But the tuturial of Bart Parker has no tuturial for to get the id’s into airtable and update those…
Because what if the record does not exists… how can a record automatic update the full ‘collection-CMS-ID’

This is the movie steps I followed:

Please can you help me further: I found an article with airtable integration Creating CMS items from Form submissions in Airtable


please renegdn or @PixelGeek … a calendar the way : I want to integrate a calendar from
Look to the page:

can anybody check also the post: Help needed: Zapier, CMS Update Item

I made all the months and do I need now to push also the collection-ID and item-ID

I made all the item-id codes separated with ‘find and replace’
and I added the zapier:

But how can I check the update in webflow via airtable?

which radiobutton need to be on?

Greetings Karel
My preview of the project:
look to the page:

hi @finlayconn can you explain this workaround ?
I need this :smiley:

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