How to duplicating the Navbar?

I am very new and trying to duplicate the Navbar but I can’t figure out how those Nav menu was created as a link but still be able to type inside it.
If I bring a Linkbox it does not let me to type inside , I guess it has to be a Div.
I would appreciate any help.


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Hi @AlexJones
It’s not very clear what you are asking. If you are wanting to make a copy of the Navbar to put on another page, it’s best to make it a symbol so that you can update all instances at once.

If you are asking how to make a Nav link, you can copy and paste an existing one, or use a link block to create your own. Use the same classes to match styles.

You may find it helpful to do some of the courses on Webflow University to get up to speed swiftly.

i am sorry Max if I was not clear, I hope I can explain it now .
I inserted a Navbar from component drop down, now I am trying to replicate exact same thing from scratch using the basic tools but I can’t figure out how to make the Menu items. it looks like they are Link Block but when I insert them and double click on them I can not write inside the block but when I double click the Original Webflow Navbar menu, I can edit the text.
I am doing this only to learn more about the ins and outs of the program.
I hope it make sense

Hi @AlexJones
You can use a link block and place a text block inside the link block to get the same result as the Nav Link within the native Navbar component.

Thank you very much.