Creating Own Custom Navbar from Scratch

Hi guys,

I wanted a centred Nav Bar (Menus either side and centred logo). Currently the Navbar element only have a left handed option (correct me if I’m wrong)

So I have created my own using div blocks. (40% left, 20% centre, 40% right).
I then added div blocks within those for my menu opinions in the left and right.

Where I need help is now making my menu navigations link to pages.

I have tried adding text link but this makes the text blue with a line under. I have tried adding a link block instead and placing text in there, but it then places a line under my text.

Could someone please advise me how best to structure and create custom navs? I am so surprised that I can’t find info on this set up anywhere?

Here is my read-only link

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Stick with the Link blocks, add the text inside, it will then get blue colored text and underline.
You’ll be able to overwrite it on the Link bock.
Give the link block a class name and set text to the desired color and remove the underline.

Hope this helps.


Eli11 Thank you so much for a fast response. That has worked well and I really appreciate your help.

I have one more problem if you wouldn’t mind. I now need to fix the entire nav bar I have built so it appears on every page within my site. Currently its only on my homepage. Do you know how I do this?

I am wondering if there is a way to group elements?

Webflow has it all worked out… They call it Symbols.
Select the nav bar layer that you want to have on each page, open the left side element panel and on the top bar switch to Symbols. Create a new symbol.
Now on each page you can add this Symbol from the element panel (the Symbol slide).
When you make a change on anything within the Symbol, it will change everywhere…
Super useful.

Here is a short link that explains it well.

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Thank you again Eli11. Perfect.
Oh how I have fallen in love with Webflow! It has blown my mind.

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