How to display 400 pictures with the CMS?

Hi guys !

For a project (portfolio of a wedding photographer), I need to create a space where the newlyweds need to be able to see all of their wedding pictures, and be able to download them.

The thing is that the number of pictures can be up to almost 400… Multi-images in Webflow CMS is limited to 25, do you have any idea how I could achieve to display the 400 images without having to split it in 16 multi-images fields ? :see_no_evil:

As a photographer I was initially interested in doing the same. Based on the limitations I went another direction. I did research Cloudinary for another project and discovered you could leverage it and it’s API to accomplish what you need. So I suggest you take a look.

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Hi Jeff !

Thanks for you answer, I didn’t kow Cloudinary so I took a look at it and it looks really powerful.
But the photographer needs to create one page per each wedding, will she have to tweak the embeded code every time to display the images ?

I mean, adding the images is easy with Cloudinary but will she be able to manage the pages on Webflow on its own easily every time she needs to add a new wedding series ? Without having to touch the embeded code ?

Just an idea:
What if you put the images in a Rich Text Element?

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Hi lode,

Thanks for your reply ! But with Rich Text Element, you can only add images one by one, so not manageable for 400 pictures :frowning: (unless there is a trick that I’m not aware of ?)

Cloudinary would require some manually config unless you used the API. Honestly I would not even consider Webflow a good match for a photographer. Other services like smugmug actually are a much better fit and handle all the scenarios that professional photographers have and need. It is what I use. Webflow is a square peg in a round hole in this case, IMHO.

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I’ve read a bit of the API documentation but you can’t embed custom PHP code in Webflow right ? So I don’t really understand how I can use it ? (sorry, I’m okay with HTML/CSS and a bit of JS but other languages… well :see_no_evil:)

I didn’t know Smugsmug, I’ll look into it next time ! But to be honest I’ve almost finished to design her website and managed to do almost everything as I wanted (no without going a little crazy I admit… I think I really pushed Webflow to the limits for this project).

If showing all these images is definitely not possible then I’ll go in another direction too :slight_smile:

The API requires a self hosted / cloud hosted middleware layer. You can’t run server side code on Webflow.

If you were able to load up 400 images on a page how would you expect someone to download them? One at a time as in right click save as?

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Oh ok, well I’m going to find another solution then. Thanks for you replies !

No not one at a time, I was planning to have a “download all” button.

I did this for a customer with Flickr. The load all the images to flicker in an album, and the only thing they have to do is copy the album ID and add that to a CSM record. I have included the flickr embed code in the CSM template, and it uses the Album ID to show it in a Webflow site. here you can see the end result

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Hi Erik,

Thanks for your reply ! But unfortunately, it doesn’t allow me to show the 400 pictures, only one that links back to the Flickr album.

Justine, I don’t think webflow is the right tool for managing Photo Albums, there are better tools like flicker, but you can build your website in webflow and manage your albums somewhere else. then make your album visible in your webflow website, and once they click on the album they go to the album in Flickr. that is what we did on the website I have provided the link to.
For our own company we working at this moment on integrating for photo galleries and proofing for our clients.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your answer and for your feedback ! I finally went another direction, much easier to maintain for my client by themselves.

But for anoyone who’s interested in doing the same thing, Cloudinary seems to be the way to go as Jeff suggested ! I talked with them briefly on their forum before changing direction, maybe it can help if someone else wants to do this :

Hey Justine,
I am curious what was your final approach for the production.
If you could share of course.

Hi Chris,

I decided to stick with the 25 images the multi-images field allows us to give the client a snippet of their pictures, and give them a link to download the 400 pictures .

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@justinew Were you importing images directly from Flickr? Is there a way that this process can be automated?

Thanks for your post.