How to disable "+Add Buttons" on blank projects?

Hey all,

I was in the process of setting up a workspace and on a new account I created I noticed this:

It only happens when choosing a blank project and while I can delete the 3 sections I can’t get rid of the “+Add” buttons that come before and after every div where the body is the direct parent. The prebuild layouts are completely different from my old account as well.

Is this disabled, after I add payment? Or is this the case for new accounts in gerneral?

Hi, never seen this, I created a blank project and I can’t replicate what you see at all.
Maybe this is because my Account is not yet a Workspace one. Or maybe it’s an A/B testing thing.

Ah ok, I created a new Webflow account, free workspace, new project.
There’s probably no way at the moment to get rid of those blue + buttons.

Thanks for your input. I just think it’s weird, because when you start with lets say this “business starter template” and delete everything they don’t appear. I guess you could get rid of them visually with some custom code… I think they are way too hand-holding even for beginners.