How to direct button to open up the full screen images view?

How do i make my button VIEW GALLERY open up the full screen seeing all images view as shown beneath:

You can view the page by going to MENU - LISTINGS - VILLA CONDE

You can view my site here: Webflow - EVOKE Properties

The link just need to be change to a Lightbox link. Then match the group name to the above gallery.

I see… Thats probably super simple to do, but i honestly dont know how to change it to a lightbox link :/

It’s relatively easy. Here’s a short video:

That did work yes. Though now im facing another problem with this. As i had to create 2 seperate collection lists so i could have some of the small images hidden i can only choose multi images 1 or 2 and not both. By only choosing one of the options only half of the total images show.

As you can see if pressing one of my images and not the new button i just made that it shows all images from both collection lists, the hidden and the visible:

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This new question is veering away from the post topic.
You can simply create a second list and connect it to the other set of images. As long as the lightbox group name matches, images from both lists will show up in the gallery as one set.

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here is useful link @Alexander_Grann if you have missed it in WF docs . :vulcan_salute:

I have already created a second list. Thats the one i mentioned before which is hidden. As these images comes from my cms multi images (two seperate multi images fields in my cms) i dont see how i can connect them as they have to be seperate in order for me to hide one of the lists. Maybe im missing something here… In short, they already both have same name group but come from 2 different cms fields.

My apologies, but can you explain what exactly you’re trying to achieve? Are you wanting to show all of the images in one gallery?
I do see how you have everything set up, but not sure what your goals are and which part is not working for you. Are you wanting to show the images in the second list but having trouble doing that?

Yes let me explain. I had to make 2 diferent copllection lists and hide one of them or else the page would be full of small images as most of the property listings i want to upload has 15-20 images and that would just look stupid. So therefore i had to make 2 seperate lists, one visible with 6 teaser images and another hidden section (list).

I then want that when you click view gallery button it should show all images from both multi images 1 and multi images 2 from my cms collection fields.

Hey again Alexander,

I think you’re carrying on our same convo from before.
As Port of Folio commented you can just use a lightbox element with no media to trigger the lightbox and contain your triggering button. I’d assumed you’d get blank slide in the gallery but WF neatly recognizes that there is no media to show.

I’m not sure where you’re stuck, so here’s a readonly showing a main image, two galleries, one hidden, and a triggering button.

Super tricky to cover this in writing. I tried to record a loom vid and explain it.

Explainatory vid 1:

Explainatory vid 2 - Here im showing how it should display: Library | Loom - 9 July 2024 | Loom

Have a look at the readonly I gave you, you’re misunderstanding the trigger button.

The only thing that matters for triggering is that it matches the group name, and the lightbox will then display everything matching that group. In my example I didn’t bind it to any media at all.

WF has a fairly steep learning curve and you’re trying some unusual UX techniques. If you get stuck and want some help, I have a special micro-consulting setup exactly for this kind of micro-project work. Drop me a message if you want details.