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Need help displaying gallery

So i’m new to webflow and I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. The goal is to set the larger image space on the left as a view for whichever thumbnail is selected on the right.

I’m sure this is probably fairly simple so thank you in advance for helping out a n00b!

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Aww man dang, I really need to get off of the couch/chair now :weary: That was no fair. Jeaaalous. You’re such a debbie-downer… ugh. Oh… sorry.

There’s a number of ways to do this. Basically, decide if you want this in a:

  1. Visible gallery - Simply showing all the images, not clickable
  2. Lightbox grid - Show thumbnails, click to view larger image

Assuming you want to click a thumbnail on the right, and have it show the large version on the left??

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