How do I get full pages instead of "collections"

Here’s my read only link…

I am excited to be building this out.

You’ll see I have a fairly diverse business.
I provide contracted drone services, produce multimedia, and sell Regional Clothing/home goods as well as my photography.

Shopify was great for the gift store, but not for communicating about sound/video production services or drone services.

I chose this template because, well, because I liked it the best of anything I saw. I think it’s great.

The main page, once I had it laid out, I think is awesome. It’s at least a huge upgrade for me.
Now, I realize that this gallery theme, the link on each “project” I thought I could just have that go to the details about that branch of the business etc. Though in the design center, it is all edited inside a box in my collections.
That’s actually cool, though it’s not what I need.
I want it to link to another full page that I can edit with all the full functions.

I hope you’re riding your buggy on my trail. I very much appreciate your time.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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