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How to design Text-Div overflow the Image

I have to build such section where margain (or just some tools??) is very big and Div with text is overflows the image. what way is best to do that? use absolute position? but on tablet it overflow the content below. will be glad for any advice.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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hi @Joanna24,

My recommendation is that you add padding for parent containers instead of margin to the child elements.

Also, for those type of sections is much better to have a div container with a background image, than a image element. It will give you flexibility to add the text card into the container and place a negative margin.

Let me know if this helps

thanx for answer. But how can I set background image to fit the size of image? should I set width and height to the div where my background would be?

Also I’m curious about tablet and other responsive.

Hi @Joanna24,

Attached some screenshots on the elemtns. But what I use is place the background in custom and place 100% height. In some ocasions I place contain but depends on the orientation I want to acomplish.