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How to design a cover page?


I really love those cover pages for inspirations :

Even if I really love the simplicity of those page, I think Chris Schmid actually got the good way of having a cover page… Separating two areas of the website (store and main). The other two websites are great too, but they make you go on the same page everytime. Let say, you want to go on the “about” page, you HAVE TO click on the main portfolio “enter” button.

I did design multiple pages for my own website trying to add a navigation without going away from minimal text.
Even if some of those examples were good, there was something I didn’t like about the navigation placement or the way your eyes move around to look at the different areas. I didn’t want to hide the main background image too…

The simple “enter” button… I love it, but I also want people to see my about page, my blog and maybe I will have commercial photography and not only travel in the future, so all of that made me wondering, what can I do to let people discover the website like they want, when at the same time having an appealing cover page?

I finally came with this one and I would like your feedback on that :

What do you think about this final version?
I did try with the text centered, but it was very weird since you move your eyes from top to bottom left to bottom right instead of doing a curve from left to right.

Thank you