How to Deploy Web App

I’ve designed my web app in webflow. Obviously this gives me the HTML and CSS.

But I have no idea how to take it from just a design to a functional web app. Do I need to buy server space from a place like digital ocean and host the web app on there?

What steps would you recommend I take to get from having the design of the web app in webflow to actually making it live?

What’s the best type of car to get?
It depends entirely on how you’ll use it, the size of your family, the environment you’re driving it in, the petrol costs, your budget…

Here if you’re talking about a general public-facing web application, then yes you almost certainly need support for business logic, data, security, logins, billing… all of this entirely depends on the system you’re building.

Choose a tech stack that you’re comfortable working with and maintaining, and consider your hosting costs and scalability needs.

The three main general paths are-

  • 100% custom, build whatever you want, export your HTML and integrate it into your app, host it somewhere.
  • A dev platform, like Wized + Xano, on top of a Webflow-hosted site.
  • Possibly, design in Webflow, use Webflow Devlink to build a react app. Then host that somewhere.