How to add a loader on dynamic text until text populates

Looking for some help on getting a loader put on a text filed after a form is submitted. If its not already obvious im new to this :slight_smile:

Here is the base of the problem. I have a form that when submitted will trigger a zap that will return some text to a filed on the page. Right now when the user submits the form nothing will happen until the users refreshes the browser about 5-8 seconds later.

Ideally when the user clicks submit I could show a loader animation until the data populates the text box I have. Thanks for your guidance!

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Yes you can do that with script-

  1. User clicks submit
  2. Script triggers webhook, hides form and shows loading animation
  3. Script waits for response, displays result
  4. Or, on timeout, shows an error

However you have a problem here in that Zapier cannot do webhook responses, which means that you don’t know when it’s complete, or whether it succeeded. You’d be better using Make, n8n, Pipedream, something that can return a result.

If you need to use Zapier, the only thing you can really do is wait some seconds, and then refresh the page, and hope for the best.

Thanks for the info. Ive actually been seeing a lot about Make maybe I’ll go that route and see how far I get.

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Highly recommended, it’s the most no-code friendly.