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How to customize instagram feed

Basically i want to style embed instagram feed at my blog pagesame as other elements
i can’t do that via custom code because they have inline style for feed

Here is my site Read-Only:
you can see it on

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Hello Funkaholik,

You should try this plugin: (link to the demo). It gives you lots of layout settings, and full control over the color of each element. You might not even need to add your own styles!

But if you still want to, you can always customize any element using your own styles. You just need to make necessary changes to your main styles file, they will be used for the plugin as well.

You can check the installation guide here

I hope it was helpful! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!)


Thanks … views are limited even on a paid plan and it’s no good
So how i can change inline styles of a instagram feed inside Webflow?


Sorry for the late reply. You can add a custom style to the tag <style … /style> and add it to the head on the “Custom Code” tab as shown on the screenshot:

hey … it can be an option, gotta try that. thanx.,)

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