How to create the Reading Lists section similar to that on webflow blog

I want to create a section to sort and filter the posts and make collections of articles as it is done on the Webflow’s Official Blog.
But, as I am just a beginner to webflow, I cannot figure out how to sort the articles like, only the articles related to ‘Typography’ should be shown in the Typography reading list.
Can anyone help with this? Like what steps to perform in order to sort the articles in a group of collections.
I am pretty sure, that the posts are not filtered based on categories, as the posts have different categories in a reading list. So, I am a little confused how to implement it.

Thank you!

Hi @joy0987 , welcome.

If not categories, you can add a 2nd or even more fields that can help you sort the items. You can create a select field, or a reference/multi-reference field with tag words for each item.

Filtering and sorting can be done in many ways. One way is to use Fin’Sweets filter & sort by attributes system. Another way is to add Tabs element, and place a different list in each tab, with the relevant filtering on the list.

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Finally figured it out, just had to create a reading lists collection and in the reading lists template set the posts collection lists filter to fetch from current reading list. Also, set a multi-reference/reference field to take reference from reading lists.