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Can this effect be achieved in webflow ?!

Just wondering how to achieve this 3d parallax scrolling effect along with the clouds and the animated menu links (on the map) in webflow - as on this movie site below.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Should be pretty straightforward-ish. There was a workshop by Nelson a while ago where he did a similar thing. Should be in here somewhere It was a mountain in the back, log cabin in the front and clouds and they moved down the page.
I’m guessing you’d take that setup and change the perspective to create a similar result to the site you shared.

you mean this ?

no, that’s not the one. They did use the same image for the other workshop as they did here. I had a look but couldn’t find it right away. Maybe @PixelGeek can help out? (if we’re allowed to tag people, not sure)

I think @sarahfrison talks about this >

The idea is different. You will need some perspective/3d stuff ect. Still the workshop can be useful.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Yes, that’s the one I meant :slight_smile:.

Thanks Piter and Sarah ! I had a look and yes it’s a different idea - not quite what I was after. The clouds motion and underlying menu items might need some more digging, to get the effect.
Any idea where to look for the 3d perspective etc. ?

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You can start here >

Here’s another useful resource >

I think that combining scroll interactions and 3d can solve the problem.

Piter :webflow_heart: