How to create a video subscription site like Skillshare?

Hey, fam!

I have a client who wants to create a yoga video content platform like Glo and Alo Moves.

Think Skillshare for yoga - where the majority of the video content sits behind a subscription paywall.

Can something like this be accomplished using Webflow?

If so, how!

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Make Machine

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Hey @Make-Machine

Maybe MemberStack can help you

Here’s a good video from @PixelGeek >

Piter :webflow_heart:


Webflow does not currently support uploading video to the CDN (except for background video) so you would have to use a supported source. That source would need to support you restricting access, not webflow.

You could certainly build a front end site here, but you realistically need another specific solution for a video paywall.

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Hey @PiterDimitrov,

Thanks for sending those through!

These solutions don’t quite do exactly what I need - but they are the closest available solutions I’ve come across - and might just do the trick!

Thanks again :beers:

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Hey @webdev,

Thanks for the advice - here’s to hoping Webflow comes up with a way to a monetizable video CMS!

If you know of any good video paywall solutions, please send them through :slight_smile:

Cheers :beers:

I use

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This looks interesting - thanks, mate!

Hey I’d also recommend checking out MemberSpace. It allows you to truly secure your video content and has a lot of features for payments and dripping out content :+1:

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