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How to create a simple entry page

Hey guys,

I want to know how to create a very simple entry page leading into my website, like a ‘splash’ page or entry page. A perfect example is this:

I have tried researching but cannot find a good explanation. Any help at all? I want a simple ‘Enter here’ button that leads easily to my homepage. Any help would be appreciated.


My read only link just in case:

You can accomplish this by creating a page that’s set as your “home” page but then have it link to a separate page that will act as the true homepage of the site.

That said, this is pretty old school and frowned upon for a number of reasons so I’d strongly recommend against doing anything like this for your project. I’m actually surprised that you were able to find a modern site that uses this technique—it definitely brings me back to when I was just getting into web design and this was much more common.

Hey Mikey. Yes, it’s a request from a client. May I ask why it is not recommended? Is it a SEO thing?

Thanks so much,

Ah okay, well splash pages are beneficial if they serve a purpose (age required, country-specific content, etc) but if it’s just a barrier to the content then you’re requiring your visitors to click before getting to any valuable information. You’ll get a higher bounce rate and you’ll lose visitors for each click users need to make on the site.

If they have a good reason for the page then it’s okay, but otherwise I’d try and suggest they move away from that idea.

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