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How to create a simple booking system for restaurant for free?

Hi all,

I have find already that a lot have asked in that forum but all solution sound to be paid one and I need something free.

I need something really basic, im convinced that a solution exist but I just cant find it

ANy idea?


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I don’t know any free no-code tool to do this, but if you know some quite basic Javascript and want to get into learning Firebase it would probably be your best bet for free, as long as you don’t have thousands of bookings a month :slight_smile:

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Hi, @ITryMyBest !

Have you checked the Powr plugins library? They have booking form and it seems they have free account version. I don’t know your exact needs, but maybe this one can work for you.

Another service that is sort of free is ConvertCalculator, they have a few examples of booking or order forms

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thank you so much! i’ll check it and see what will be the best for me