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General question about booking system

I´m building a tourism website on webflow and i need some ideas/advice on a booking system.
On the website i have lot´s of categories like hotels, restaurants, whale-watching ,etc… and i need some type of booking systems to books those services.

Practical case:

Some one comes on my site, checks a nice whale-watching company and clicks on the link to book. The systems books the trip and then i can charge 5% / 10% to the whale-watching company.

I don’t know if i explain my self very well. Can anyone advise me on some booking system like that?

I’m not sure if your questions is best asked in this forum, as it is mainly about Webflow-related issues.

Furthermore, I do not exactly understand the question, do you want to know about the referral-system, or do you want to buy a complete system with those options included? Or something else?

Referral functionalities are common in CMS-addons such as shopping systems (check this page). As far as I know there no 1-click-install available as a solution for you.

First, your question is absolutely welcomed to be asked here :smile: Asking the webflow community of designers about tips on various services and tools to integrate with your site is great & done all the time and is one of the great uses for this forum.

Now for the actual question … Most booking apps like don’t give the ability to charge, someone may know of what you are looking for. If I understand correctly you want to act as a go between between someone booking a date on your website, for another 3rd party like a restaurant or hotel - and be able to profit off of the convenience yes? Or am I misunderstanding :smile:

Hi @Rui_Almeida,

I understand that you posted your question a couple of years ago now, but I thought it may be useful for others if I replied.

It looks like you’re looking for a booking system which allows you to be in control and be simple and easy to use, I wanted to suggest Booking Live Software, we allow many services which you could add and personalize to how you want.

Booking Live allows you to process and manage memberships and contacts through a basic, in-built CMS. It also allows subscriptions and payments, both part and full, to be processed,as well as allowing you to set up email lists and send out communications with custom merge tags. Unlike many other software providers out there, Booking Live comes with an in-built CMS so you can manage your website and bookings all in one system.

Booking Live software also comes with a whole host of other great features, which you can read more about here: Please feel free to browse our website and speak with someone today for more information!

As I work at Booking Live, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you or any one else may have.



Booking Live

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