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How to create a new item with Integromat with Airtable?


I’ve a problem to set up a process to automatically create a new item on Webflow using Airtable as a database.

What I would like to do:

  • Send rich texts from Airtable to Webflow;
  • Convert images (attachment in Airtable) to upload directly logos that our clients send to us;
  • Every time a client fill our form (Airtable form), automatize the item creation on Webflow.

What I have right now (Screenshots, it’s a job board…)

When I export CSV from Airtable everything is ok except the image and the rich text.
I think there is a way through JSON and Tools/Compose a string but I’m not sure.

If someone gets an idea, thanks in advance for your help!


If you’re looking for a simple solution that supports rich text, images, and ItemRef fields, try PowerImporter. It will automatically sync your Airtable to Webflow for you.

There’s even a demo of using PowerImporter for a job board.

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Thank you for your help!

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