How to create a lightbox widget with various thumbnails?

I’m trying to create a lightbox widget. But I’d like to have various small thumbs on the page, and that the visitor could click on any thumb and the lightbox would open.

I know there’s that option to “link with other lightboxes”, but when I do this, if visitor click on thumb number 3 for example, the lightbox won’t open on the corresponding image. Lightbox will open on picture number 1.

How to make each thumb open the lightbox on the corresponding image?

Hi @andy, at the moment, the only way to do that is to use multiple lightboxes, and have your thumb image be the same as the image displayed in each lightbox.

I hope that helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to help out further :slight_smile:

Hey there @cyberdave I was looking to do the exact same thing… still no other way around this?
Because with your suggestion problem is I will have only various 1 image lightboxes right? which mean the user wont be able to see others pictures directly from the lightbox and he will have to close it and open the next one…

I thought about putting multiple lightbox with every image i want to show but in differents orders (so it open always on the image of the thumbnails) but I guess it will slower drastically the loading speed of the website right?

I dont know if my point is clear but hope you get what i mean,


Hi @nicofromba, sorry for the late reply. You can place lightboxes onto your page to show 1 image, multiple images or multiple images from a lightbox group. If you want a thumbnail to open a particular image, then the image needs to be the first image in the media list or you need to have just one image loaded for the lightbox.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Is this still the case? I’ve seen a lot of requests for thumbnail images to open the corresponding image in the lightbox, in a gallery where the user can either choose the image on the parent page and it opens in the lightbox, and where they can also just scroll through the gallery while the lightbox is open.

Hello @tcharleston,
If you are using static content, you can “connect” lightboxes in a group. Then inside the opened lightbox it will show thumbnails of all images from other connected lightboxes.

Thanks for the reply, however the problem I mentioned is around the fact that when I show thumbnails on the PARENT page, the corresponding image does not open in the lightbox. I dont want the user to have to scroll through thousands on pictures, with only about 10 of them showing at once in the lightbox. Id like the user to be able to see all thumbnails on the parent page. Basically think about Facebook’s interface. The photos are on the parent, and when clicked, the image opens in a lightbox but also allows the user to proceed through the photos by clicking right left arrows.

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