Lightbox thumbnail link not opening corresponding image

Guys, I implemented the general lightbox, but when I click on a thumbnail image on the parent page, the corresponding/correct image doesn’t open in the lightbox. In other words, the correct image doesn’t not open upon activating the corresponding thumbnail.

Any help?

Did this work for you? I have implemented their general lightbox but the corresponding image does not open when I click on an image on the parent page. I click on one image/any image and it opens the beginning of the lightbox.

Hi @tcharleston, I am sorry to hear there has been some difficulty and that it seems you did not get any reply. I want to help :slight_smile:

Could you help to update your post with your site read-only link: and a screenshot of the lightbox in the navigator you are working on ?

I am happy to take a look if there is still an issue. Cheers, Dave

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