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How to build a products dynamic list with related images?

My client wants one of the pages to show a list of products that they are selling, and each product image should be instantly linked to other images that are related to that product. It also needs to be in dynamic content format so that they can add to it through CMS.

This is how it looks so far:

The left square image is the panel thumbnail. The 2 images on the right is the example images. They want it so that you only see the square thumbs and when you click on them it becomes a lightbox that shows the related images.

So far I can only make it separate lightboxes with the example images. I did it by using custom made lightbox.

How do I design it so that the example images are part of the lightbox?

Hi @nogoodrice,

Lightbox widget doesn’t work with dynamic content for now. I am afraid you will be not able to do this :confused:

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