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How to create a custom slider?

How to create slider like on this site?

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Hi @Barsik,

This should help you


Unfortunately that’s not what I need. :pensive:

On the video, 3 images are located on one slide. And when scrolling, all 3 images disappear.
But how do I make slides precisely like on the site, that I specified?

hi I watched this video , very nice, but i want my background to be sliding but want a fixed container

Hey @Barsik,

I´ve build a little example which should help you.

Read Link and Live Link

Best Maurice


Exactly what I need! It turns out all so simple! I just need to add an padding for the mask.

Thank you, @Maurice !

Glad I could help you, @Barsik :blush:

Hey Maurice, the links you posted are dead, and I seem to have the same problem.
Is there any chance of reviving them? Or maybe a short explanation?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @gal,

sorry I deleted the project, but I made a new one.

Read Link | Live Link


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