How to create a bundle discount or package

As the title suggests, my client is looking to sell bundles - my main issue is that the quantity won’t be correct as the bundle will be an additional product rather than read the quantity of the stocks of the individual items.

Is it possible to add two items to cart and then have a discount applied to the checkout, has anyone else encountered something similar and found out a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m looking for a similar solution. Just posted a follow up question here:

It’s also worth to check, if you can, conditional visibility as suggested by Riley.

Hi @JosephGMedia and @michele.patane, adding a discount by a certain quantity in the cart is something that we are looking at for version 2 of discounts.

I am unable to provide a date for version 2 of discounts because the product development process is ever-changing, and we don’t want to set incorrect expectations.

When released, we will announce it in the dashboard, on social media, and in the forums.

This is also something that can be added and upvoted within the Webflow Wishist.


Hey Michele,

I spoke directly with John from Webflow a while ago about this (I believe it is John who actually commented!).

As it is currently not possible to bundle existing products, I just made new product items for the bundles (CD & T-shirt, all inclusive bundle etc) and my client is tracking his inventory manually.

He’s not too fussed by this but it’s the easiest work around for me in the meantime.