Bundle Discounts

I want a simple way for someone to add 2 items at once to the cart with a discount. Yes that’s a bundle but webflow don’t have it so is there a way to achieve this with javascript and discounts?
I don’t want to use foxcart or any 3rd party checkout. Surely there must be a workaround?

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Hey @Morgan_Drew1 :wave:,

As of right now I’m not aware of anyway to do bundled discount without a good bit of javascript (and probably a DB ):confused:.

However, I’m the founder of https://www.flowphantom.com/ and am looking to build out bundled discounts soon! (Flow Phantom works with the native Webflow Ecommerce).

If you’re willing, I’d love to chat!


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Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply. I will check out what you’ve built.

Hi Andrew !

Actually I’d like to chat with you about that bundle thing

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Andrew, any chance you got the bundle solution built? I have a National food vendor looking to switch agencies and a bundle option is mandatory.