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How to connect pages?


I want to connect the pages in a webflow. For example, I want to click anything to get me to the next page in the webflow, such as from Home Page to Page 2, etc.

Can you be a bit more specific as to connect pages? DO you mean when you click on any link it will take you to the next page in your hierarchy? Or you referring to something else?

Also, attach your project share link for our review?

Hi Brandon,

Yes I mean to simply take me to the next page in the hierarchy.


There is a way in which you are speaking, but would include some custom code. That’s a bit out of my wheelhouse, but maybe @matthewpmunger or @Waldo can help you with this?

I think I just want a simple button that connects one page to another. It’s the normal way, I just don’t know how.

For example, it would be like a link to another page in the same project.

If you just want to setup links then hit “D” on your keyboard when you have the link selected.

Try this:

You cannot make the link to go to the “next page”. You will have to specify which page do you want this link to lead to.

when i link it, it will only go to the webflow project in general

Then your link is incorrect. Where do you want your link to lead?

In pages, there is one called Solution. That’s where I want to link to

Here you go.

That’s exactly what I needed! I knew it was something basic I was overlooking,

Thank You :slight_smile:

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