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Linking to a specific section on another page

Hi there

there is probably a simple solution for this but i can’t seem to find it.

Im trying to create a link button that will take the user to the relevant section on the home page. At the moment the link I create takes the user back to the top of the homepage only, meaning that the user needs to scroll down to find the relevant section they were previously on.

For example, from the top of the home page, click on Psychotherapy, then from introduction click explore. this take you to the intro page with the back to home button at the bottom which takes you back to the top of the home page only.

How do i link the back to home button to go directly back to the psychotherapy section of the homepage? It works on the back button on a browser but I can’t seem to create the link button to do this.

Hope you can help?


Here is my public share link:

@jimimars Here is how you do it:

In the link dialog box type /pagename#sectionID

So that would look something like this: /about#contact

And that will take you to that section on that page.

For the home page you’ll have to put your domain name instead of the page name.

Like so:

Hope this helps!


Thanks Bradley. Im not sure where to enter this info. Ive attached a screengrab with what shows when I click on the link block. I might be missing something or maybe I haven’t named the sections on the home page correctly?

Hopefully you can help me out here. Thanks!

Under “Link Settings” you’ll notice 5 buttons: You have currently selected the second one, which links to a specific page. The third one links to a specific “section” inside the current page.

What you are asking to do is to combine both functions: To link to a specific section on another page.

To do this, you’ll have to choose the FIRST option, and instead of writing an absolute URL ( you can use a relative URL (/mypagename#mysectionname) like @bbrazis suggested.

Hi, have followed the steps Excess has suggested but my link does not take me to the section i.e. link does not work.

could someone be able advise what am I doing incorrectly?


I recommend you navigate to the Weblfow University to understand more about link settings.

Have a read and watch of this video, it should describe what you’re after.

If you want a link to navigate to a page you hae created, select the second icn under link settings. If you want a link to navigate a page section - a section contained within the exisitng page - use the thrid icon. This section must have an ID.

You can read more about linking to page sections below:

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