How to connect CMS articles to nav sub-categories?

Hello everyone,

So, after much battling and fighting for almost 3 months, I think I’ve almost finished my site. I’ve encountered a problem… I don’t know how to link my categorised articles from the CMS to the relevant sub-categories in the nav header dropdown and the footer.

I created a property and tried to use the category slug URL to link it to the nav sub-category, but whatever I do I get a 404 error. It’s driving me insane! I’ve watched YouTube videos, read the forum, and Webflow University, but I’m still scratching my head. I saw a recommendation to drop a CMS list element into the header, but it doesn’t allow me to. I only have 4 categories of articles: News, Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle.

Can somebody please take me by the hand and show me how to link the nav dropdown categories to the relevant CMS categories, I don’t have a clue how to do it.

Thank you in advance!

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - National Health Magazine)
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[1]: Webflow - National Health Magazine)
[2]: Share your site and invite collaborators - Webflow University Documentation

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