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Delete fields in collections that are somehow still in bindings

There should be a way to map out what needs to be removed/changed in order to delete fields. Hunting down the bindings is time-consuming and relies on guessing/hunting.


Hi @dubblethink, a good way to delete the bindings is to do the following in order:

  1. Delete all collection items
  2. Delete all elements on collection template page
  3. Check all symbols to make sure there is no dynamic lists used in symbols
  4. Check collection and delete any reference or multi-reference fields
  5. Check dynamic lists on static pages and check that no bound fields are getting their data from a field in the collection
  6. Check dynamic lists on static pages and check that there are not filters or conditions that are using the collection fields.

I know it can be tricky sometimes to delete those, depending how complex the site is. For now, until this process is updated and improved, please feel free to reach out to, we can also help when there is some tricky case of deleting those bindings.

I hope this helps!

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