How to change the text color in dynamic content?

Hi everyone,

I have a weird problem with the text color in dynamic lists. I created a dynamic list and as you can see in the image below, the “thumbnail description” text appears in white even though I put the color black in the typography panel.

For your information, it’s rich text in the CMS and rich text in the page.
It’s weird because I don’t have that problem for headings.

Do you know how I can correct that?
Thanks very much for your help.

Hello Samliew,

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry but I don’t understand exactly. What do I need to change?

Thanks very much again.

Oh, I understand. Here is the project’ read-only link :

It seems like your root Paragraph style is set to white.

Try adding a paragraph on your page, change it’s color, then delete the paragraph.

It worked! Thanks very much!

Actually, I have new related problem : I can’t change separately the color of a text in any specific paragraph item… For instance, I have some text that comes on top of a blackish background, I want to change this text in white, but just this class, not all paragraphs, but it won’t do it. So my question is : how can I change separately the color of a text in a paragraph?

Here is again the read-only link :

Unfortunately, I can’t upload a screenshot (the uploading time is weirdly slow, even though I have a good internet connection…). You will see the problem in the homepage, on the dynamic galery under “quelques unes de nos productions”.

I found the solution: just go on the “all paragraphs” setting, and remove the style in the color of the typography.

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