How to change the link name when upload a pdf?

I have a pdf that I am uploading with a specific name. When I publish to down with the link it comes out to a completely different name. How do I fix this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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After reading these 2 Posts i dont think its possible :frowning:

One solution i can say would be if you create a subdomain like and host the files over that…

@Matzinger is correct. Filenames are prepended with a unique id. So if the name has to stay the same, use a cloud service where you can control file names.

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Possible to have PDF name changed with the code of numbers before it?

@Doug23 - I am not sure what you are asking. The “code of numbers” is the prepended unique ID, so your asset name is unique in the cloud storage bucket.

@webdev would I just add the file url from the cloud service to replace the file in the CMS collection

@bruh - Missed your notify. Did you resolve this?