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Sharing PDF Files through webflow CMS that is continually updated

A client is wanting an employee to go into the webflow CMS and update PDF Files But send out Individual Links that lead straight to the PDF File. I asked them if they would be ok leading to the page and then they would click to get into the file. But instead they want it to go straight into the pdf. The problem is every time they click into the PDF, what if the pdf file name or URL is changed every time you upload a new file? How can I set this up? They really want this feature but I’m not sure If I can provide it.

I had someone earlier mention something but I’m not understanding it and was more about the security side of it. As they don’t want to link shared with everyone. I will just turn off the crawling on that link. I was wondering if anyone else had any more input before I try something super complicated.

Any help is very appreciated! Thanks

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Hey @Austin_Skillings if I’m understanding the correctly, what can be done is copying the pdf or file link after it has been upload to the CMS. That link can be shared outside of Webflow. I recorded a short video to walk through grabbing the link. Hope that helps.

Sorry for late response. Your video preview was very nice haha. But the problem that I’m having is trying to keep that “link” the exact same? And then having the client change the PDF through the CMS but the link is the exact same. The PDF is the only thing that is getting updated?

In the Video you show me that Link changed with every PDF upload if it is changed doesn’t it?

Thanks so much for your help!

Every time you upload an asset it gets a unique name (a guid prepended). Link text can be whatever you want but the link target needs to be updated.

I’m sorry, thanks for being patient with me. I’m just not understanding this well. Is there a way to do it or not? I don’t know difference between link text and target