How to change Faviicon after export


Ive exported my website with premium it has now run out. However I want to change my Favicon for webbrowsers as it’s the webflow logo.

How can I change this from my


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @hotdog123, inside the .zip file you should see an images folder. In that folder you’ll see the favicon files. You can just replace the image with the actual favicon. Make sure the filename stays the same else you’ll have to replace the name in code on every HTML file.

If you can still access the webflow project, changing the favicon there will be the fastest way.

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Okay thanks. Will try.

Also by any chance do you know how to change the text that appears next to the Favicon in the browser? Don’t know what you would call that.


That’ll be the <title> tag.

and where do I find that? Im a noob

It will be in the <head> of the HTML page. If you mean to find out where it is in Webflow then it will be in each page’s settings. Hover over the page and click the cog.