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How to build an information pop up form that connects with marketing automation platform


We are currently trying to make our button that states “request a POC” to an automatic information capture pop up form (which does not force the visitor out to a separate landing page). Is there are chance we can do this? Also, collected information needs to sync into our marketing automation platform which is Marketo? If not, we also have a CRM which is Salesforce.


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Hi @dulloa Welcome to the community! :smiley:

You may be able to create a form with Webflow and integrate that with Zapier. Then from Zapier, create a “zap” to push that data to Marketo and/or Salesforce

Hope this helps

Hi @PixelGeek! Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

This is great, thanks for sharing–is zapier a separate fee service that is not part of my current Webflow subscription?

This definitely solves how to store the captured information but can you please provide information on how to build the pop up from webflow?

Thank you!

yes. Zapier is a different service:

custom modal - How to create a custom lightbox (Tutorial + Video)

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