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Marketo + Webflow

Hi Webflow community!

I’m considering moving my company’s website to Webflow. And I’m curious to know if folks that have Marketo and Webflow, build their landing pages in Marketo, or build them in Webflow and integrate?

Thanks in advance for your response!


Hi there @Andrewjames311, great question. Webflow does not yet have a Marketo Integration tutorial, but great idea, I will contact Marketo to see if we can collaborate on some quick instructions.

In the meantime, see here:

  1. Using Zapier with Webflow forms:

  2. Then check out the Zapie zaps that have been used with Marketo:

I hope this helps

Thanks for your insight, dave

This would be great. Webflow is way better at explaining stuff than Marketo so a co-authored tutorial would be awesome.

@Andrewjames311 We’ve embedded Marketo forms on our Webflow pages (via Custom Embed) and it works fine, but are still sorting thru autofilling forms based on the Marketo cookie. I wouldn’t call it a seamless integration yet but it works. We explored the Zap option but never went live with it.

I would also be interested to know how others are doing landing pages and if there are any strong recommendations for one over the other.

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