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Continuing to take orders while an item runs out of stock - at a discount

Hi everyone,

We have a small stock in our warehouse and are expecting to run out of our product soon. Our manufacturer has a longer than usual lead time for new orders, so we will be out of stock for a while.

We wanted to give customers the opportunity to order a product that is out of stock, but sell it to them at a discount for ordering now with a longer wait time. Can this be done in Webflow? I could not find a straight answer to the problem, hence I’m asking here.

The tricky thing is to switch it over to a discount as soon as our stock hits 0. And once it does, it should then still be available for purchase.

Your thoughts and feedback are highly appreciated!!

Here is our site:

Is your issue how you might switch over automatically once the stock hit 0?
I imagine one solution is to create a ‘pre-order’ product with the discounted pricing and inventory tracking turned off. So once the item runs out of stock then you could switch to the new item.

Hi Gail_Ranger,

Thank you, that’s a really good idea.
Yes, it would have to be an automatic switch when the stock quantity hits 0. Do you happen to know whether you can set conditional visibility based on the stock of another item?


No, I’m not aware of a way to use conditional visibility to do it. My guess is that it requires a custom code solution if you want an automatic switch.