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How to best handle image cropping and optimization?

What is the best way to handle images in Webflow? I am used to having image transformation features with other CMS so excuse my ignorance as I am new to Webflow. If I want a Collection to have a logo field with logos auto sized to 200px by 100px with quality 85% JPG how can I do this?

I know I can set a DIV background with an image but that is not the same.

Any suggestions or am I missing this feature somewhere?

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I have been looking and can’t find how to do this. I just want to make a couple simple card components The issue ks I want the images same size no matter what size the original is. That is why I wanted a crop.

Webflow does not include an image manipulation tool or functions you can access directly. There is automatic resizing of your upload, creating versions of the file that are optimized for different viewports down from desktop. This is explained in greater detail here:

A quick search of the forum turned up this thread you may consider reading.

I crop, resize, and optimize on my desktop before uploading to Webflow, In order to have complete control of images on sites I build. As a professional photographer also, image quality, and fast load times are very important to me, so I don’t mind the extra work to get the best results.

Personally my favorite tool for that is Graphic converter on a Mac.

It’s batch processing is far superior than anything else I’ve ever seen and used.

When clients want to process their own images, I have a web app that stores the site requirements and creates custom sized and cropped images for them. I use a processwire CMF built engine for that. Hope this helps. Good day.

Cropping in position is really essential. One image may be re-used with different crops. Trying to round-trip to a photo editor is not only time consuming, but never going to match the flexibility of other publishing tools. It also requires many versions of images. Overall, my initial impression is that Webflow is extremely programming-centric in terms of work-flow.

You really should be able to drag-and-drop an image or element and size/crop it directly and then the backend systems optimize the image.

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